Defective Keys & Broken Locks

The term “defective keys” pertains to keys that have been damaged or broken, resulting in challenges or impossibility in using them to unlock doors or operate locks. A key may sustain damage due to regular usage, excessive force during insertion or turning, bending or other forms of harm. On the other hand, “stuck locks” describe locks that are immobile or difficult to turn, hindering proper opening or securing of doors. A lock may become stuck due to various causes such as dirt, rust, or debris obstructing the lock mechanism, or the gradual deterioration or damage of lock components over time. Both defective keys and stuck locks can cause inconvenience and frustration, often necessitating the involvement of professionals to repair or replace them. It is crucial to promptly address these issues to ensure the security and accessibility of your property.  We Can be reached for further assistance at 07458 164 212, click here.